Norman Mine is a London-based Neapolitan artist whose practice exists through public intervention, performance, writing, sculpture, video and installation.


Although Mine uses biographical references and real-life aspects as a starting point, his work exists as a simulation and is made ephemeral by his 'other' heteronymous character by the name of Dino Desica, an aspiring Italian actor who exists only through a video format, as "camera performance".


Both fictional characters are built-in and around everyday life's scenarios to question their authenticity and the structures of inclusion and exclusion in which it is constructed.


By alternating the roles between artist and performer, director and actor, Norman and Dino are re-staging their ambition and complexity of wanting to exist between the imaginary and the real; the idealism and the impossibility.


The complexity of the 'real' therefore leads Mine's practice to explore the infinite possibilities of fiction and paranoia, as similar conditions which are constructed by the hybrid psychology of every day; making his practice become a 'metaperformance'.

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