Perhaps “The Rise of Dino Desica" better explain the consequences of becoming Norman Mine.

The film is a collection of videos of myself while dealing in unwanted social scenarios not related to my art practice.

Filming myself was an opportunity to overcome frustration while pretending to be a performer within it and use the everyday scenario as a stage that shifts between narratives of fiction and paranoia - and vice versa.  

This film is ironically and tediously recounts the necessity and eventually the consequences of becoming Norman Mine where the pursuit of better comprehend and integrate with the multiplicity of realities happen paradoxically through a process of fictionalisation and escapism. 

13 pages full-script the Rise of Dino Desica 2018 - click on it to see more.

Norman Mine - Dino Desica June 2018  "0'39 Promo extract from a "15'00 HD  video.  For more info & video links please get in touch.