While OSB #2 with 4 movable jasmonite plates 2019 is locked between two upper walls, preventing it from been moved in any direction apart from back and forward and to remain  folded, the  videos play simultaneously and against each other, providing two idealistic options of movement and emotional reaction within the space, reflecting upon possible interaction and interpretations.

The videos characterize OSB #2 with 4 movable jasmonite plates both as a piece of furniture - from a practical potential - as well from an artistic point of view, where it can be a device to perform with.The whole installation plays on retro-futurism, of the ideal living space, while providing an alternative  narratives for potential refuge and fantastical escape.

- OSB #2 with 4 movable Jasmonite Plates, and video installation 2019

How It works wtith and without me. You did not get it! ‘02”42 HD Video 

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