Wai(s)iting your Time Away was a site-specific three weeks sound installation at Platform One Gallery, an ex-waiting room in Wandsworth Station now an independent Artspace. Passengers were invited to stay and idle their time while waiting for their train, walking or standing on the replicated jetty which gradually raised along the floor, stretching into the middle of the room. At its end between the gap with the slab white wall, two fans gently moved the air. An automated voice replicating in the same station’s announcement, speculates about the room and on each element existing within it, both in their contemporary and historical role. However, in practicality, both the waiting room and the unreasoned jetty are deprived of their present time of their ‘waiting’ analogy, suggesting a reflection on whether the often time the of “waiting” for a train ( in any means) is actually “wasting” time?

2'39 HD video of the immersive Installation at Platform One Gallery -Wandsworth's train station 2017, sound by Viraj Bharambe and Doug Haywood.


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