Norman Mine 

L' intermittenza Dello Spettacolo - Design of Paranoia, 2018

Ubiquitous DIY materials and mass-produced furniture accompinied by a manual instructions.

This project developed following a year-long transitional period in which the artist relocated and lived between sixteen temporary living places.


The installations reminiscent of interior design are unfunctional furniture objects made from modern

mass-produced industrial materials. Mostly collected from building and construction sites, those materials had undergone a strenuous, laboured manufacturing process to contrast their standardized threat before appearing in their final stage. 


In this new ‘altered form’ the installations are charged with a sense of durability of performance that aims to resist their otherwise usual short-temporality of flat-pack furniture.


A single page A4 monochrome manual accompanied each piece, instructing the viewer not how to assemble it but to emotionally and physically interact with its new form, setting up a new narrative which challenges its practicality and artistic meaning, familiarity and alienation.

Noman Mine installation
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Norman Mine artist
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